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Software is more than just features - choose Famly for a trusty, experienced platform that puts the children at the heart of everything

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“Every time I ask somebody, ‘How is the system going?’, the thing that always come back to me is that staff say ‘You should have done this a long time ago.'"

Neil Leitch, CEO, Early Years Alliance

Neil Leitch, CEO, Early Years Alliance

A trusted platform

We’ve spent years refining the Famly platform, and tailoring it to suit your needs.

  • When you’re comparing software, experience matters. We’ve been here since 2013, and are continuously adapting and improving.

  • But the most important thing is trust. We want you to feel safe, secure and heard. And we’re always open and transparent.

Try experienced software

A trusted platform

The children are our priority

The children are our priority

We’re more than just software - helping children flourish is at the heart of every single thing we do.

  • It’s not just about running a nursery. We’ve got expert interviews, blog posts, activity ideas, live sessions and competitions to raise awareness.

  • Those resources are always free, because we want to help make those 5 years the best they can be. The children are the priority.

Put the children first

Trusted by 3500+ early years settings

Trusted by 6350+ early years settings who found the best Blossom Educational alternative

Truly all-in-one

We know Blossom have a lot of features - we hope we’ve made it clear that good software is more than just features

  • That being said, we are a one-stop-shop. From child development to invoicing and accident reports, we’ve got it all in one app.

  • Observe, assess, collect parent payments in-app, send reminders, update parents, sign children in and a lot, lot more.

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Truly all-in-one

One for the parents

One for the parents

Want to boost parent engagement? Strengthen parent partnerships, and support each and every child, together.

  • Send instant messages, News Feed posts, pictures, announcements and reminders to parents in a heartbeat.

  • And, unlike Blossom, parents don’t need a separate app - they get a Famly login. Oh, and we made them their own Help Centre!

Start strengthening partnerships

Stay ahead of the curve

Stay ahead of the curve

Don’t settle for a system that doesn’t move with the times - you deserve more than that.

  • Whether it’s listening to your feedback on our roadmap or holding interactive Town Halls, we’re always adapting and improving.

  • Your needs are always growing and changing, so why shouldn’t software? Don’t settle for providers that can’t move with the times.

Stay ahead with us
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Tired of inconsistent support?

Count on us instead. Here at Famly, our dedicated, expert support specialists are there to get any issues sorted - right away. And you shouldn’t accept anything less.

Want to give Famly a try?

Want to give Famly a try?

We’re the all-in-one, intuitive alternative to Blossom Educational, Connect Childcare, Kinderly, Parenta, eyLog and Evidence Me

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