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Famly - the all-in-one alternative to Evidence Me

We’re so much more than just observations and assessments. Famly is an all-in-one, modern solution for all your Early Years needs. And it’s all about putting the children at the heart of your everyday.

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“I’d say this – every time I ask somebody, ‘How is the system going?’, the thing that always come back to me is that staff say ‘You should have done this a long time ago.'”

Neil Leitch, CEO, Early Years Alliance

Neil Leitch, CEO, Early Years Alliance

Early Years focused

We’re not trying to be everything at once, we specialise in the Early Years.

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  • The Early Years aren’t the same as primary school. Early Years software should put the sector’s unique needs at the forefront.

  • Whether it’s listening to your feedback or trialling new features, we adapt and improve to better understand a unique sector - and you.

Early Years focused

More than an assessment tool

More than an assessment tool

Giving the little ones the best start to life is more than just recording observations and evidence.

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  • At Famly, we’re a one-stop-shop. From child development and invoicing to document storage and accident reports, we’ve got it all.

  • But Famly is so much more than just recording data. Our features aim to give you back time to get back to what matters - the children.

Trusted by 3500+ early years settings

Trusted by 6350+ early years settings who found the best Evidence Me alternative

Keep your information safe

Are you up to speed on GDPR and data security? And how software keeps you safe?

Stay safe with us
  • You need to ensure your personal data is safe, encrypted, and that your provider is always up to date on legal requirements.

  • Read how Famly processes your data here, and the key questions to ask your software provider about data security before signing up.

Keep your information safe

Helping children is our priority

Helping children is our priority

We’re more than just software - helping children flourish is at the heart of every single thing we do.

Put the children first
  • From expert interviews, blog posts, activity ideas, live Famly sessions and competitions to raise awareness, we’re there for you.

  • Those resources are always free, because we want to help make those 5 years the best they can be. The children are the priority.

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Tired of inconsistent support?

Count on us instead. Here at Famly, our dedicated, expert support specialists are there to get any issues sorted - right away. And you shouldn’t accept anything less.

Want to give Famly a try?

Want to give Famly a try?

We’re the all-in-one, intuitive alternative to Evidence Me, Connect Childcare, Blossom Educational, Kinderly, Parenta and eyLog

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