Early childhood matters. Come help us (im)prove it.

We’re on a mission to transform early childhood.
Want to help us do that? Come join us.

“For me, it’s a breath of fresh air being a part of a company aiming to make the world better by improving the children’s world.”

Sam Hillman
Head of Inside Sales
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“For me, it’s a breath of fresh air being a part of a company aiming to make the world better by improving the children’s world.”

Sam Hillman
Head of Inside Sales

“You'll have to search for a long time to find a more open and inclusive place.”

Christian Kjær
Director of Engineering

Bridging the collaboration gap in early childhood

If it takes a village to raise a child, then Famly is the new town hall. Our platform helps to bring families, educators, and the management of early years settings closer - so that they can focus on the early interactions that count. If that sounds like something you’d like to help out with…read on.

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Life at Famly

We’re all about hiring a diverse array of clever people - who are good humans too.


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Copenhagen, Denmark.


Nationalities make
Famly what it is


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our values

We work for the customer

“We get the honour of building a platform for people whose work really matters. That’s why our first value is that we work for the customer - we should never assume what they need and instead find new ways to hear about their problems. Our job is to work out how to solve them.”

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Anders Laustsen
CEO and Co-founder of Famly

Ben Bausor

Director, Always Growing

our values

We act like owners

“I want Famly to grow significantly in the United States and by taking ownership in my work and craft as an SDR I know I can see the company grow in the way that others can imagine. “

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Justin Solito
US Sales Development Representative
our values

We are open and transparent

“Transparency is much more than just sharing what is happening, it is letting your team members in on your dreams and frustrations. It’s including others because you know that doing so will make the work better. It’s being real in a world that tells us that open communication can be a weakness.  At Famly, it’s a strength.”

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Pernille Schmidt Ripp
Brand Writer
our values

We make our colleagues shine

“I'm a big fan of Famly's values and am especially a fan of "We make our colleagues shine". I think it's important to remember that we all work towards a common goal. Having a culture where people lift each other up and help each other achieve this goal together makes it much more reachable (and fun along the way).”

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Camilla Hvid Jessen
Product Manager
our values

Less talk, more action

“Jumping on a task, start it and try to get it done. If you need help along the way, people will support you or cheer you on for getting it done. I never had that in a company where you could just go and try/do things and have the full support of your team and other departments without having 99999 meetings to discuss how we should do it.”

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Friedrich Dummer
Junior People Partner
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our values

We go beyond expectations

The way all the departments work together to make our product and customer experience exceptional shows just how passionate everyone truly is in our mission to improve early childhood. And that same energy is felt in the way we help each other succeed as well. I know I can always reach out to someone with a question and will not only get the answer I need, but even a little extra help and encouragement to boot.

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Chaleena Ukositkul
Marketing Project Manager, US
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our values

We enjoy the ride

Becoming an adult brings a lot of seriousness, growth, and complexity to our lives. I believe in the power of keeping our inner child alive! That’s what “Enjoying the ride” means to me in Famly, where everyone reminds each other that we are still children in a way. We take our work seriously, but never forget to have fun on the way to building this community.”

a person with long hair
Constança Vilar
UK Sales Development Representative

We take care of our Famly

Perks and benefits

Flexible hours,
flexible location
Training budget and leadership programs
5 weeks paid holiday to take time for you
Global team,
Danish values
Funded social clubs and events
Promote-from-within culture

Our offices

Come say hi!

Our offices

Come say hi!


Copenhagen - the OG, the headquarters, right in the heart of downtown.


Bringing our German nurseries the love from the Kreuzberg district of Berlin.


Home to the sport of extreme ironing and our incredible FirstSteps-acquired team.

Washington D.C

74 museums, 3 branches of government, and 1 powerful office of Famly members.

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Our Process

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Step 1


Briefly chat with one of our welcoming People persons.

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Step 2


We can’t wait to see where your strengths are.

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Step 3


Meet your manager and team, ask questions, and feel us out.

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Step 4


Time to show off what you bring to the table.

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Step 5

One final chat

How did it go and how do you feel?  A final chat to feel each other out.

Open Roles

We're always on the lookout for talented people to join the Famly.

Well hello

We don't currently have any specific open roles but are always on the lookout for talented people to join the Famly.