The Famly Sessions: Coronavirus Conference

In April 2020 we held our very first free, digital Famly Sessions event, focused on providing UK early years settings with reliable, up to date advice on how to manage the challenging situation that coronavirus presents.

The event featured six early years experts in areas around business sustainability and the practicalities of running your setting, staff wellbeing and furlough, and home learning.

In collaboration with…

The Key Leadership
MBK Training
EY Out of the Box Consultancy
Roopam Carroll The Nice Boss
EY Matters
Assure Education
Redwing Solutions
Early Years TV

VIDEO: Business Sustainability: Stay financially secure and get through to the other side

In the first session, Roopam Carroll, owner of Beeston Nursery and her consultancy, ‘The Nice Boss’, joined with Tricia Wellings, owner of Bright Kids Nurseries and MBK Training to discuss a range of points related to how early years settings can stay afloat as businesses during this challenging time. They talked about how and when to charge parents, how settings can make use of funding, and why it’s important to look directly to your local authority as their approach may be different to other regions.

VIDEO: Staffing: HR and staff wellbeing in the age of furlough

In the second session, HR experts Imogen Edmunds of Redwing Solutions and Beverly Bacon from The Key Leadership answered all those confusing furlough questions as well as strategies to improve staff wellbeing and maintaining engagement. They emphasised that for now staff on furlough can’t do any work, but it’s important to stay connected and show leadership as this will be appreciated when settings come out the other side and reopen.

VIDEO: Home learning: How to support parents and families at home

In the final session, Dr Sue Allingham, from Early Years Out of the Box Consultancy, and Ruth Swailes from Assure Education talked through some different strategies to ensure children can continue to learn and develop at home. They reminded viewers that it’s great to provide different resources to parents, but that this is an unprecedented situation and pressure or deadlines shouldn’t be used for the time being.

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