Successfully Managing Your Nursery Team

This one is all about the skills you need to successfully manage the staff at your nursery. What they are, why they matter, and how to improve the ones you have.

Successfully Managing Your Nursery Team

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Successfully Managing Your Nursery Team

What’s in the guide?

We cover nine different skills, walking through some examples as we go, before presenting a few ideas for you to introduce at your own setting. There’s also expert articles from Niki Buchan and James at Nursery Nook on leadership in the early years.

What will I learn?

Put simply, you’ll learn how the very best manage their staff in a childcare setting, and how you can do the same. Conflict resolution, recognising individuality, perseverance and more – we cover all the areas that matter.

And who are Famly?

Famly makes better nursery management software. We help hundreds of providers across the UK to streamline the tedious admin and paperwork that comes with running a nursery.