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Famly combines the features and reporting your group needs with an interface everyone can use.

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Your data, your way

Introducing Famly Insights, group-level custom reporting and business intelligence you won’t find anywhere else.

Here’s what Famly Insights can do for you
  • Pool data from all your settings and turn it into custom maps, tables, and graphs that you can filter with a click.

  • Compare different metrics across settings to see occupancy gaps, staff planning, and overdue debt.

Every observation should be valuable

Hassle-free staff scheduling

Hassle-free staff scheduling

Stay in ratio and avoid unwanted overstaffing by building your staff rotas with everything at your fingertips – without a spreadsheet or calculator in sight.

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  • Easily see required staffing in against what’s scheduled and real attended hours.

  • Occupancy, availability and check ins are pulled in automatically, helping you schedule staff across all your rooms.

How does Famly reduce paperwork and save countless hours in the Early Years Alliance?

How does Famly reduce paperwork and save countless hours in the Early Years Alliance?

“Every time I ask somebody how the the system is going, the thing that always comes back to me is staff saying, “You should have done this a long time ago!” – Neil Leitch, Early Years Alliance

Easy payments, for parents and staff

Send out invoices at the click of a button and offer parents in-app payments with Famly Pay.

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  • Payments over the app are instantly reconciled and automatically added to reports.

  • Parents can set up recurring payments or direct debits, reducing the time your team spends chasing debt.

Every observation should be valuable

Flexible progress reporting

Switching has never been easier

Prepare for easy data imports, a personalised onboarding plan, and a key role in the ongoing development of Famly.

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  • Our data import does the heavy lifting while the simple, recognisable design makes staff adoption easier.

  • Free email and phone support plus over 160 articles and videos means your team can get the help they need at any time.

And parents love it

“Great app. Excellent way for the nursery to show parents what’s happening every day.”

Colin M, Glasgow

“Access to everything I need. Easy to navigate around and lovely to have information on the go. Puts my mind at ease and also love seeing pictures of my daughter on there.”

Kathryn R, Andover

“It is informative, decisive and allows real-time updates for my family and child.”

Anthony W, High Wycombe

“Keeps you updated on your child’s activity at the nursery. Great app to have. Highly recommended!”

Keri-Anne P, Staffordshire

“I like that it keeps all things in one place, balance, lunch, individual and group feedback etc.”

Rebecca S, Capel St. Mary

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