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Famly Staffing helps you say goodbye to unwanted overstaffing, stay in ratio, and gives your staff the rota overview they need.

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Hassle-free staff scheduling

Hassle-free staff scheduling

Stay in ratio and avoid unwanted overstaffing by building your staff rotas with everything at your fingertips – without a spreadsheet or calculator in sight.

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  • Easily see required staffing in against what’s scheduled and real attended hours.

  • Occupancy, availability and check ins are pulled in automatically, helping you schedule staff across all your rooms.

"The new staffing module has made doing rotas really easy. Instead of chancing how many hours I’ve given staff, I’ve got all the info clear and in one place. I’d honestly say it saves me about three hours a week"

Michaela Oldfield, Deputy Nursery Manager, Hove Village Day Nursery

A simple overview for you and your staff

Make sure everyone can see their schedule in advance and give yourself the detailed overview you need at the click of a button.

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  • Staff get sent their scheduled hours in-app, with a clear overview of holiday and sick leave on their profile.

  • Look over past attendance data to compare scheduled hours against attendance – and export both for your payroll.

A simple overview for you and your staff

No more tedious double-data entry

No more tedious double-data entry

Staffing fits seamlessly into the wider Famly platform, ensuring an efficient, all-in-one approach to managing your nursery.

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  • Let Famly do the work for you, as it pulls in child and staff check-in data to your overview.

  • Export schedules and attended staff hours as a downloadable CSV for simple payroll processing.

Powerful features to save you time and money

Automatic bookings

New children’s bookings are automatically shown and accounted for.

CSV downloads

An exportable CSV file with attended staff hours makes for a fast payroll run.

Detailed charts

Quickly see a breakdown to identify when you are over or understaffed

Edit anytime

Nothing is locked in, you can make schedule changes whenever needed.

Include breaks

Add expected breaks to staff for accurate count of total hours for payroll.

Recurring schedules

No need to re-enter schedules, just duplicate for the upcoming week.

Staff in multiple rooms

Schedule staff wherever they’re needed across each day.

Staff view

Staff can quickly access their own schedules, holiday and sick leave from their profile.

Weekly schedules

Easily compare individual schedules to see if staff are working as expected.

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