Live Translation

Leave language barriers behind

Get an in-app live translation tool, and
bring your multilingual community closer.

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Bring families closer

Translate into 19 different languages, and involve your entire community.

Increase collaboration

The more families understand, the more they’ll work together with you.

Put children first

If everyone’s part of the conversation, children’s learning continues at home.

what is live translation?

Translate updates instantly

Parents can now translate your most important updates in seconds.

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Instant messages

From reminders about packed lunches to upcoming events, let parents instantly translate every message you send.

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News feed posts

All news, updates, events, milestones and announcements can be translated into each family’s native tongue.

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Child observations

Share lengthy observations and detailed notes on a child’s development - in 19 different languages.

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NEWS FEED POSTS & Observations

No more miscommunication

Say goodbye to language struggles, and
make every single update accessible.

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Communicate easily
No frantic internet translation, or frustration. Share updates easily and effectively.
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Work together seamlessly
Build strong relationships without an interpreter, one small update at a time.
instant messages

Collaborate with your entire community

Bring your entire multilingual community together, and place child development first.

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Instant messaging
Let families translate all your messages with one click, so
they’re always in the loop.
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Collaborative learning
Send development steps, learnings, and constantly share knowledge.
Translate a post directly in the Famly app
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Part of a Spanish-speaking community?

Whether you’re a parent or staff member, switch your entire platform to Spanish. Included in every single package.

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instant translations

19 languages,
19 seconds

From Spanish to Chinese, parents can
instantly translate updates in 19 languages.

A language sneak peek
Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Ukranian, Russian, Hindi, Korean — and many more.
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Working with 6,300+ child care centers

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comprehensive child care software

It doesn’t stop at
live translation

Get dozens of other collaborative tools with the Famly
platform - from staff communication to finances.

Famly is more than Live Translation
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Child development
With observations, posts, updates and what’s next, put children first.
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Family partnerships
Share activities, messages, reminders, and bring families closer.
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Simple finances
From debt management to in-app payments, finances just got simpler.
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Staff management
Ensure you’re in ratio, share staff rosters and let staff request vacation.
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Find your perfect package

Whether you’re a child care center, daycare, or a preschool, there’s a package to match your price point.

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All the basic features to save you hours every single week.

Live translation available
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The flexibility to run your business the way you want.

Live translation available
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The complete child care management software.

Live translation included
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All the basic features to save you hours every single week.

Live translation available
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The flexibility to run your business the way you want.

Live translation available
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The complete child care management software.

Live translation included
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Want to see live translation in action?

This is what smarter child care center management looks like

Giving you a helping hand with staff ratios, reduced paperwork and all the day to day admin.

Famly Pay: A video overview

Hear from Aaron and Michelle as they give you a run through of how automatic payments work and the difference they can make.

The 4 steps of Famly Pay

Illustration of light blue lock

Fill out your bank details

Both you and parents simply add your bank details, and choose payment types.

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Automatically generate invoices

Create invoices based on a child’s booking, and send them instantly.

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Pay with debit cards, credit cards or ACH for one-off or recurring payments.

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The money is sent to your account, and payments are automatically reconciled.

Get your staff ratios right

Organise your staff better with automatic ratios, work hour reports, and simple document sharing.

  • Automatic staff ratios and work hour reports let you plan your staffing levels more easily.

  • Share documents or send private messages with policies, procedures, or training.

See how you can save time

Child information at your fingertips

Work together with parents to compile the child information you need at your setting.

  • Child attendance reports compare expected vs actual attendance and help you spot early warning signs.

  • Individual child profiles with permissions, activities, health details, and other personal information.

Get a free demo and see how

“Famly is modern, up to date, and simple to use – it’s integral to everything we do. The customer service and support that we receive is outstanding. Something that has been a massive difference compared to our previous software company.”

Claire Dancer, Manager, Kingwood Child Care & Pre-school

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Complete overview of your center

All the emergency information you need alongside simple reports that give you a better understanding of your center.

  • Registers, child permissions, and custom lists make sure you’re covered in an emergency.

  • Occupancy tracking, revenue reports, and debt overviews will help create a sustainable business.

Experience Famly today
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Powerful tools for smarter child care center management

Staff-to-child ratios

See instant staffing ratios across the whole day.

Individual child profile

One place to upload and see all critical child information.

Accident reports

Capture incidents and notify parents immediately.

Daily registers

See a real-time overview of every child in the setting.

The safeguarding app

Collect, filter, and review accidents and incidents

Staff attendance

Monitor staff absences and punctuality.

Custom auto log-out

Set different auto log-out times depending on staff roles.

Document sharing

Share policies, procedures and training, with auto-save and document scanning.

Attendance reporting

Overview of all attendance to spot early warning signs

Holiday & sick leave

Handle staff and child leave with in-app requests.

Custom lists

Easy access to specific child and staff information.

Parental permissions

Request permissions then find them when you need.

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