Top 10 childcare regulation violations in Texas in 2022

Without any nationwide organization to enforce ECE regulations, we are going state by state, starting with Texas. Each year, the Texas Health and Human Services releases the top 10 violations recorded among Texan childcare providers. But, even if your program is not in Texas, we think this is important information to share.

Top 10 childcare regulation violations in Texas in 2022

What's in the guide?

We begin by including the Texas Administrative Code’s definition of what a deficiency is. Then, we break down the top 10 recorded violations in 2022 into brief summaries and overviews. We have also provided some tips on how you can help your program avoid violating these regulations. 

What will I learn?

Firstly, we explain what a deficiency or violation is as defined by the Texas Administrative Code. Then, we have given a summary and brief explanation about each of the top 10 deficiencies reported in Texas in 2022. Of course, we offer a few tips to help your ECE program avoid making any violations.

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