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Bring your multilingual community closer by translating all observations, messages, and posts.

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Live translation

Write fluently in 133 languages


Instant translations

Translate observations, messages, and newsfeed posts in seconds.

133 languages

From Arabic to Japanese, choose from 133 different languages.

No interpreter needed

Ease any language frustrations, without hiring an interpreter.

Stronger relationships

The more you can communicate, the better your relationships are.
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Frequently asked questions

What can I use live translation for?

Instantly translate all posts, observations and messages inside the app. So you can communicate and enrich your relationships with every multilingual family at your setting.

Which languages are available?

We have 133 language currently available! So whether it’s Arabic or Korean, we’ve got you covered. Not sure your preferred language is included? Come chat to us!

Can parents translate inside the app too?

Yes they absolutely can! It goes two-ways, so whatever you can translate, they can translate too. Meaning you can strengthen your relationship with them and connect with them at the click of a button.

Is it included in all packages?

Live translation is included as part of the Professional package, and can be purchased as an add-on in the Foundation and Premium packages. Not sure what that means? Click the demo button below and we’ll talk it through!

It doesn’t stop a live translation

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