UETA Consumer Consent Disclosure

These terms apply to Famly customers in the UK, US, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Denmark.

UETA Consumer Consent Disclosure

Dieses Dokument ist ausschließlich für Famly Kunden in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz verfügbar.
This document applies to customers in the United States.

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Agreement to do business with electronic signature

1. Electronic record and signature disclosure

By signing a document with a mobile device, tablet, computer or any other electronic device, you consent to enter into an agreement via electronic document, which shall have the same legal effect as a handwritten signature. You further agree to receive notices and disclosures which may be required by law in connection with electronic agreements.

Once you have signed, a signature record will be made available showing details of the signature, such as the email used to sign, document ID number and timestamp.

2. Withdrawing your consent

You may change your mind and withdraw your consent to receive notices and disclosures electronically, and request to receive them on paper format instead.

3. How to withdraw your consent

You must reach out to us, the childcare center, via the contact information available on our website (the childcare center website).

4. Consequences of withdrawing your consent

If you decide to withdraw your consent, it might slow down the communication with you. Furthermore, fees might apply to receive notices and disclosures in paper format.

5. All notices and disclosures will be made available to you electronically

Unless you withdraw your consent, all notices, disclosures and other related documentation in connection with the document made available for your electronic signature will be provided electronically to you.

6. Hardware and software requirements

Use of a computer, tablet or mobile device is required to sign electronically and obtain a signature record. However, there are no other specific requirements for such hardware or software other than to keep the device updated.