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Famly helps you register securely, engage parents and put and end to tedious admin.

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Everything you need, all in one place

Save hours by replacing your spreadsheets, emails and outdated software with Famly – a single tool that feels familiar and works how it should

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  • Admissions, attendance, tuition collection, parent partnerships and development tracking – all in one easy-to-use place.
  • Enter child, parent, and booking information once, and every part of your system will be updated.

“Famly is an incredible child care management software. The daily attendance, the class planning, the news feed, the calendar – there’s so much to love. We used to use Procare, but found it to be incredibly clunky. We then switched to Sandbox software but found they were not innovating very fast. Now we’ve finally found Famly, and haven’t looked back since.”

David Allen, Head of School, The Ross Preschool

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Save time with smart automation

Automatic classroom moves, payment reminders, and other seamless automation will save you time for what matters.

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  • Set up customized rules for when children move classrooms, and the entire system will be updated without you lifting a finger.
  • Stop wasting hours on the phone chasing debt, and let Famly remind parents when their tuition is past due.

Securely check in your children

Getting children in and out of your child care center doesn’t have to be stressful anymore.

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  • Our simple tablet screen makes check in easy, while unique parent pin codes ensure that every child is safe.
  • Real-time attendance reports and dashboards give you the overview you need.

“Famly has been amazing for our early learning center. Our families love the app and the ability to receive communication all day via messages, pictures, and notifications – it truly allows the learning center and the parents to connect.  Famly is the best child care app we have ever worked with.”

Tara van Fleet , Centre Director, Fleet Early Learning Station

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Give parents a modern experience

In a competitive market, Famly’s simple design and real-time messaging can help separate you from the crowd.

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  • Each parent will see a secure, personalized news feed, curated by staff with photos, posts, and care updates.
  • Famly is designed to be familiar and simple, making for easy staff adoption and a great experience for parents.


Introducing COVID-19 Health Check Sign-In

Our new sign in feature allows parents to sign their children in with their own phone and includes health checks related to COVID-19, helping your center stay safe.

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