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Tailored to yor ece needs

Customizable tools, customizable center

Increase your revenue with Famly childminder software
ECE finance tools

Payments, billing & reports to boost revenue and run a successful center.

One-stop-shop for all things childcare management

From staff schedules to automatic ratios, do every ECE task in seconds.

More collaboration with the Famly app
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ parent app

Message parents, send custom reminders & translate updates.

94% of staff* say Famly
brings parents closer

*See the report

don’t trust us, trust our customers

6,300+ centers are crazy about Famly

profile picture of nursery manager
Tara Van Fleet
Always Growing

“If another company told us that you can have ten years of software for free, we’d tell them we’re not interested.”

profile picture
David Allen
Cywion Bach

“The whole week at the end of the month used to be set aside for invoicing, now I do it at the click of a button.”

profile picture of Neil Leitch CEO of Early Years Alliance
Neil Leitch
Early Years Alliance

“When I ask how Famly is going, the one thing staff say to me is that ‘you should have done this a long time ago’”

Profile picture of Gemma from Maggie & Rose
Gemma Williams
Maggie & Rose

“The invoicing system, it's magical. It's really, really easy to use. It's so easy being able to do everything at the press of a button.“

Profile picture
Teresa Neill
Blackberry Lane Nursery

“It was just so easy to use, I whizzed through it. It was just so straightforward and logical. I’m not particularly technical either, but if I can work it out, anybody can.”

profile picture
Nick Wedderburn
Early Buds

“Parents absolutely love it. We tell every parent who comes to visit about Famly and they think it’s just amazing.”

profile picture
Debbie Gibson
Blackberry Lane Nursery

“You always get an answer. The support is second to none. We had support from our old provider but we didn’t get phone calls or training sessions or feedback… or even answers sometimes!”

profile picture
Kirsty Harkins
Twiggs Lane Pre-school

“Parents can just see, ‘Yes my child’s happy, they’re fine, they’re playing.’ Famly allows us to do all that without staff thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, I have to write an observation!’”

Candice Profile Picture
Candice Chouinard
Wild Garden of Childhood

“I feel like Famly is tailored for my center. Having everything automated creates space for us to breathe. Instead of poring over staff time sheets, or billing and invoices, I can do those all in a batch with a click.”

profile picture
Rob Danks
Honey’s Nest

“Parents don’t have to wait for a consultation three times a year to see what their child is learning at nursery. Parents can log in and see straight away that their child has achieved something.”

profile picture
Christina Demetriou
Early Buds

“It’s changed our whole company, it really has. Things needed to modernise and Famly’s a massive part of that. Everything’s at the touch of a button.”

profile picture
Katie Thompson
Coconut Nursery

“For good reason, parents don’t like having all these different logins. They much prefer having it all in one place. Famly is just so intuitive and so easy to use, and that really helps us get parents on board.”

Tara Van Fleet
FLEET Early Learning Station

“Our families love the app and the ability to receive communication all day via messages, pictures, and notifications – it truly allows the learning center and the parents to connect.  Famly is the best child care app we have ever worked with.”

Smiling portrait of David Hughes, Head of Ross Pre-School.
David Allen
The Ross Preschool

“We used to use ProCare but found it to be incredibly clunky. We then switched to Sandbox software for a year but found they were not innovating very fast. We finally found Famly and haven’t looked back since.”

profile picture of Neil Leitch CEO of Early Years Alliance
Neil Leitch
Early Years Alliance

“When I ask how Famly is going, the one thing staff say to me is that ‘you should have done this a long time ago’”

Hear from ecstatic centers

What does Famly do?

Every ECE tool to completely blow you away. Whatever you need at your center, we’ve got it.

News feed in the Famly software


Send updates in seconds

Childcare management software should connect you to every family. Send out posts, photos, individual and group observations, daily activity reports and updates on each and every child, all from your personal newsfeed.

Learn more about the news feedLearn more about the newsfeed
Translations in the Famly app

Instant translation

Embrace your multilingual families

No need for an interpreter. Translate all messages, news feed posts and observations in seconds. So you can connect with every family in your community. Because childcare management software should be multilingual.

Have a look at instant translation
Custom registration in the Famly software

Custom registration

Manage and optimize enrollment

Get digital waitlists, custom enrollment forms, waitlist overviews and automatic child profiles, as well as a complete overview of all upcoming spaces.

Take a look at our custom registration
Staffing and Attendance Ratios

Sign in/out

Manage attendance instantly

Easily track which children and staff are signed in, get a separate sign-in screen, and manage your attendance with one glance.

See how sign ins/outs work in FamlySee how sign ins/outs work in Famly
Payments in the Famly software

Easy payments

Invoice and pay with one click

From one-click and automatic payments to payment reminders, never chase fees again. And everything is reconciled automatically. Who said childcare management software couldn’t do it all?

See what our payment features look likeSee what our payment features look like
Profiles in the Famly app

Health records

From knee scrapes to flu shots

Childcare management software to help keep everyone safe. From immunization and physical exam records to body maps for incidents, keep a record of each scrape, and know when to escalate.

Check out our health recordsCheck out our health records

childcare management software that does more

But you get more than just features

From personalized support to activity ideas and guides on child behavior, expect more from childcare management software.

Famly Customer Service

1-on-1 support

An account manager to give you 1-on-1 guidance, and answer every question. Forever. Now that’s software support.


100s of articles

Get 100s of activity ideas, curriculum articles, and management guides, whenever you need them. All for free.

Your customizable software is waiting

See how to customize your childcare management tools in a personal, 1-on-1 demo. Completely free.

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