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Customer Success Story

Wild Garden of Childhood Nursery

It takes a lot to create big curriculums for little people. Owner and Director Candice Chouinard tells how with Famly, she went from using 11 lines of contact to just one — and built better relationships with parents along the way.

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“Now that we’re using Famly, I really get to focus on what I love again. It also helps us keep parents more connected with their child, and to share more of their day.”

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Candice Chouinard, Owner/ Director, Little Schoolhouse

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Customer Success Story

Spring Group by Action for Children

Growing from 3 settings to 41 overnight is no easy task. Director of Childcare Ruth Pimentel walks us through how they made the expansion work, and how they used software to empower their managers and understand the finances.

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“This software has made invoicing, registering, keeping parents contact details up to date and keeping in touch with parents and staff much, much simpler. One of my best decisions this year!”

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Nikki Smith, Little Learners Pre school

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More than just software

We work with over 70,000 ECE professionals every day to make sure they’re getting the most out of Famly. We support single sites, large organizations, and everything in between.

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"There are so many benefits to Famly, not only is the software great, the content they produce through the newsletters is so current and gets practitioners educators to really think about their practice and be engaging. We feel very proud that we are part of the Famly family, and recommend their services to everyone."

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Famly helps us tell the story of children's days and so much more.

"If more companies were like Famly, dedicated not only to: 1. Providing an outstanding product that continuously develops, but also... 2. Take their responsibility for improving the sector they service very seriously, the world would be a better place."

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Improved our professional image

"None of the other software packages offered what Famly offered, in an all-in-one solution. Their training was very good & their support staff are amazing. As a company, a lot of their values align with ours, which was important to us."

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I can honestly say my life has been transformed after moving to Famly as I have so much more time.

“Famly is so easy to set up and use, very intuitive and so quick to work on. With the added bonus of the app I can now get access to all the information I need whenever and wherever I am.”

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