digital enrollment

Boost and optimize your enrollment

Easily manage and maximize child enrollment, get digital waitlists, and save hours a week.

Customizable registration forms with Famly childminder software
How to boost enrollment?

All in a few clicks

Get everything from waitlist overviews to custom enrollment forms.

Future availability

Boost your enrollment

See where you have spaces, how to maximize ratios and see future availability.

Easy registration and enquiries with Famly childminder software

Go completely digital

From waitlists to customizable registration forms, manage everything in a few clicks.

Registration and occupancy

And save hours a week

Get automatic child profiles seconds after registration, occupancy reports & more.

digital signatures with Famly child care software

A custom enrollment process

Get customizable registration forms

Drag, drop, and duplicate forms, upload and request documents - and add digital Ts&Cs.

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35 form fields

Tailor your form to fit your needs, from required fields to document requests and uploads.
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Digital signatures

Add Terms & Conditions so forms can be used as legally binding contracts.

Lead management made simple

Manage all interest in a heartbeat

Stay on top of all incoming interest and registrations, and get automatic updates.

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Digital waitlists

Keep track of all showarounds, phone calls, quotes, and interest forms in a single glance.

Automatic updates

Forget manual work. The status of each registration and interest updates instantly in-app.
Future availability

A fully digital system

Automate, track, and predict enrollment

Save hours a week with automatic profiles, enrollment targets and future availability.


Occupancy reports & availability

Track attendance, set targets, and maximize staff hours, ratios, and available room spaces.  

Automatic child profiles

Child profiles are created with all info and files - directly from registration & interest forms.
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It doesn’t stop at enrollment

Get dozens of other tools with the Famly platform - from sign-in screens to in-app payments.

Famly - Combined custom forms
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Registration & enrollment
Track sign ins, sign outs, stay in-ratio, and maximize your enrollment.
Purple icon - automatic staff ratios
Efficient staffing
Stay in ratio, share staff schedules and let staff request vacation.
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Easy finances
From debt management to in-app payments, finances just got simpler.
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Family partnerships
Share activities, messages, reminders, and bring family members closer.
purple icon of baby
Child development
With observations, posts, updates and what’s next, put children first.
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Daily logs
Document and share each child’s day, from observations to nap times.

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