Painless payments are a click away

Automatically collect card and ACH payments on time,
every time with in-app payments.

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Payments: A video overview

Aaron and Michelle give you a run-down of how automatic payments work.

Easy payments in 4 steps

Fill out your bank details

Both you and the parents fill out your bank details, and choose payment types.

Automatically generate invoices

Create invoices automatically based on a child’s booking, and send them instantly.


Pay with debit cards, credit cards, or ACH for both one-off and recurring payments.


The money is sent to your account, and payments are automatically reconciled.

Don’t wait to get paid

You don’t need the stress of late, missing or miscalculated fees. Get paid the right amount on time, every time.

  • Families can pay any time - all they have to do is click. Never worry about cash flows or debt collection ever again.

  • Or go automatic! Whether it’s credit card, debit card, or ACH payments, charge any outstanding balance automatically.

Get stress-free payments

Never chase debt again

“Parents like that it's just integrated, all-in one, and easy. As far as billing, I just go, yeah, it’s all in one. You just press a button and it’s done.”

Tara van Fleet Profile Picture

Tara Van Fleet, Director,
FLEET Early Learning Station

Save yourself hours of
manual admin

Forget manual, go automatic

Managing and reconciling payments shouldn’t take you days. It should take you a few clicks.

  • Automatically generate invoices, and let families pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. They just have to hit send.

  • Payments are reconciled automatically. Once a payment is made, your financial overview will then update in real-time.

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Your all-in-one solution

Wave goodbye to PayPal, Excel and QuickBooks. Get everything you need without ever leaving Famly.

  • All reports, invoices, balances, and payment handling are in one place. Accounting and tax reporting have never looked so easy.

  • Families can see their payment reminders, invoices, balance, and full payment history in-app, too.

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Your one-stop financial shop

And the pricing is simple

There’s no monthly subscription fee, and we’re transparent about each and every transaction.

  • You won’t have to pay extra to use in-app payments each month, and you can enable automatic payments immediately.

  • Fees start at $0.50 per transaction, and we’re always upfront about them. We don’t do surprises.

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Your one-stop financial shop

Payment fees and Direct Debit overview in thr Famly App

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