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Build better parent partnerships with daily updates, instant messaging, and automatic reminders.

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No more unread updates

Time to put an end to unread newsletters, diaries and paper-based child development.

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Easily see required staffing in against what’s scheduled and real attended hours.

Occupancy, availability and check ins are pulled in automatically, helping you schedule staff across all your rooms.

Stop chasing your parents

Time to put an end to unread newsletters, diaries and paper-based child development.

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Send reminders for vacations or event RSVPs and let parents report sick days without needing to phone.

Shared child profiles allow parents to update child information and permissions without you doing a thing.

“The parents love getting updates, they comment on all the photos that we’ve put up and even suggest things or take activities that we’ve done here and do them at home too. It really helps us to build up a network and a community together.”

Hannah McGoohan, Director of Education, N Family Club

Stay in touch with every parent

Build closer relationships with direct parent communication and daily activity logging.

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Send direct messages between parents and management, or enable contact to specific staff.

Daily activity feed to update parents on sleep times, toilet or diaper changes and what they ate.

A helping hand to save you time

Quicker activity logging and clever automation shave hours off the most time-consuming parent communication tasks.

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Sign children in and log food, diapers, and sleep information with just one tap.

Automatic invoice reminders help control your debt and save you from wasting time chasing parents.

Powerful tools for stronger parent communication

Free parent access

Free for parents or relatives on mobile and online.

News feed

Share photos, videos, and daily updates with parents.


Direct or group messaging straight to parent pockets.

Activity feed

Parents see nappy changes, food intake, sleep, & more.

Shared child profile

Update contacts and key child information together.

Photo Gallery

Tag favorite photos and organize within the app.

Holiday & sick days

Parents can report days off from home.

Diaper & nap times

Record nap times & diaper changes with a click.

Child sign in/out app

Replace paper with a parent-friendly sign-in app.

Pick-up notifications

Automatically send pick-up reminders to parents.

Parental permissions

Request permissions then find them when you need.

Invoice reminders

Reduce phone calls with invoice reminders.

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