Easy finances

Manage and boost your nursery revenue

From in-app payments to financial reporting, take back control of your finances.

Batch invoicing with Famly


Invoice, collect, report, and manage your nursery finances

Automatic invoicing with Famly

One-click invoicing

Don’t waste hours on manual work. Send batch invoices in one go.

In app payments with Famly

In-app payments

Never chase payments again. All families have to do is click.

Boost revenue with Famly

Boost revenue

Get a handle on all finances, and maximise revenue potential.


Every tool to become financially sustainable

Do invoicing in batch with Famly

Automatic & batch invoices

Invoice with one click

Invoicing families has never looked so simple. It should take you seconds, not days.


Automatic invoices

We’ll automatically create invoices based on each child’s plan and attendance for you.
Icon_batch invoicing

Batch invoicing

No need to do it one-by-one. Send all invoices at the same time, at the click of a button.
Discover automatic nursery invoicing

in-app payments & Reconciliation

Families pay instantly

Stop chasing missing fees. Pay in-app, send payment reminders, and reconcile in seconds.


In-app payments

From one-click and automatic payments to payment reminders, never chase fees again.

Payment reconciliation

No need for manual work. All payments are reconciled automatically.
Learn how Famly's in-app payment works
Invoice reminders with Famly

Join the 6,500+ settings already using Famly

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Join the 6,300+ settings already using Famly

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Famly invoicing system

reports & forecasting

Never hire an external accountant

Save your money for staffing. Get a complete financial overview, and detailed financial reports.

Icon_financial reports

Financial reports

Detailed reports give you a bird’s eye view of all finances - from occupancy to payments.
See our nursery finance tools

Revenue forecasting

Set goals, budgets, and predict future revenue. You’ll spot gaps and where to make changes.

Debt management & Staffing

Curb debt and maximise revenue

Get a handle on any debt, boost occupancy, and make the most of staff hours.

Icon-debt management

Debt management

See exactly where money is missing, real-time balances and easily send reminders.


Manage room occupancy, ratios, and maximise staff hours. Because every minute matters.
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finances should be simple

Features to make smarter financial decisions

You’ll be a finance expert in days.

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Batch invoicing
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In-app payments
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Payment reconciliation
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Financial reports
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Xero import & export
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Funding Loop export
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Debt management
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Revenue forecasting
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Enquiry handling
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Payment reminders
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Automatic payments
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Revenue report
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Easy data exports
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Ad-hoc purchases
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Staff rotas
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Ratio management

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The smiling support team at Famly

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Nursery management is a team sport, and we’re in it together. Get a dedicated account manager to onboard and support you, and instant in-app support whenever you need it.

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Famly has top class data security - ISO Certified and PwC Audited

Top-class data

You work with sensitive information every single day. Rest easy knowing that information is safe, encrypted, and processed in compliance with GDPR and UK GDPR.

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