Child development

Easier online learning journals

Document each child’s unique learning journey, and enrich their development.

Better online learning journals with Famly

put the unique child first

Understand, document, and share children’s development

Get child progress reports with Famly

Understand each child

Assess each child’s progress, plan with parents, and create learning goals.

Easier learning journals with Famly's software

Document development

Get observations, assessments, learning journals, reports, and more.

Involve each family when using Famly's software

Involve each family

Let parents add observations, and extend the learning at home.

Put child development first

Prioritise every child’s learning journey

Easy observations and assessments with Famly

Observations & assessments

Make rich observations in seconds

Record every important moment, and easily carry out all your assessments.

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Make on-the-go observations, complete with photos, reference materials, and next steps.
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2 year checks? Custom or EYFS assessments? Do them all in a few simple clicks.
See learning journals in action here

Curriculum builder & observation reviews

Tailor your curriculum and empower staff

Get parents involved in their child’s development, and work together seamlessly.

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Curriculum builder

From practice prompts to reference material, build your own custom curriculum in-app.
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Observation reviews

Edit and approve staff observations, and support your team's development.
See how our curriculum builder works
Get a custom curriculum builder with Famly

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Join the 6,300+ settings already using Famly

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Get an activity library with Famly

Progress reports & activity library

Target learning areas, and get inspired

See where children are progressing, target specific areas, and get activities to help.

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Progress reports

See all assessments, observations and reports, and see where support is needed.
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Activity library

Get hundreds of activities that target specific learning areas and age groups - all for free.

Daily logs & parent observations

Involve families in a few clicks

The more you and the parents work together, the easier it is to put their child’s needs first.

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Daily logs

Keep parents in the loop with daily updates, photos, videos, and observations.
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Parent observations

Let parents upload their own observations, and continue the learning from their living rooms.
Discover how our learning journals work
Better observations for paretns with Famly

enrich child development

Every feature to put learning first

Pedagogy is at the heart of your practice, so it’s at the heart of our platform.

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Custom assessments
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Daily logs
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Instant observations
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Parent observation
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EYFS assessments
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Personal newsfeed
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Group observation
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Reference material
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2 year checks
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In-app messaging
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Observation reviews
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Progress reports
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What's next
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Activity library

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Nursery management is a team sport, and we’re in it together. Get a dedicated account manager to onboard and support you, and instant in-app support whenever you need it.

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Famly has top class data security - ISO Certified and PwC Audited

Top-class data

You work with sensitive information every single day. Rest easy knowing that information is safe, encrypted, and processed in compliance with GDPR and UK GDPR.

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CPD materials

Completely free articles, step-by-step guides, videos, and interactive webinars on early years pedagogy - all to help you develop and share knowledge with your team.

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