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What Are Baby Yoga and Baby Massage? Kinder Kalm Interview

Anna from Kinder Kalm talks us through the benefits of baby massage and yoga
Kinder Kalm interview
October 16, 2019
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Anna at Kinder Kalm: The 5 key interview takeaways:
  • Baby yoga and baby massage have a huge range of benefits, from easing common ailments like wind, colic, and teething pain, to improving circulation, muscle tone and flexibility.
  • For Anna, it works to combine them with sensory activities and resources that babies naturally love.
  • Sensory activities are fantastic for babies because they facilitate exploration and get them to use scientific processes in their play.
  • Classes like Anna’s can be great for young parents to meet other carers and do something meaningful and purposeful together with their children – helping to counter postnatal depression too.
  • It can be challenging working with babies, but you have to get that creative enjoyment from finding ways to communicate with them outside of language.

Have you tried baby massage and baby yoga at your setting?

We wanted to learn a little more about exactly what they are, and why they’re so good for babies.

That’s why we sat down with Anna, founder of Kinder Kalm. Kinder Kalm offer accredited baby yoga and baby massage, all mixed in with their unique combination of sensory-rich activities that babies love.

We talked with Anna all about what Kinder Kalm does, why it’s so beneficial to babies and parents alike, and some of the challenges of working with the youngest children.

If you want to watch the full interview, just scroll down to the bottom of the page. Otherwise, you can check out our five key takeaways and watch short clips from the interview in the main article below.

To learn more about what Kinder Kalm do and how they work with early years settings, head over to their website. You can also take a look at our guide to yoga in the early years and why it’s so valuable for children with SEN.

What is baby yoga?

Anna starts off by explaining what baby yoga is, calling it a series of movements and stretches that adults and babies can do together.

She then goes on to talk us through some of the benefits of baby yoga, including how massaging a baby’s foot can help to cure teething pain.

What happens in a baby yoga class?

At Kinder Kalm, their baby yoga classes mix together baby yoga, baby massage, and a whole bunch of sensory activities that the babies just love.

Anna explains why this combination works so well, and takes us through some of her favourite resources, with everything from fibreoptics to homemade parachutes and jellyfish.

Working with babies

In the full interview below, we talked all about some of the opportunities, challenges, and best bits of working with the youngest children.

Anna explains exactly what it is about sensory activities that babies love so much, and why they’re so powerful in encouraging babies to understand and explore their world.

We also discussed some of the challenges that come with working with children, including why Anna finds it both a challenge and a creative opportunity that you have to find ways to communicate with children outside of usual language.

The benefits of baby yoga for parents

It’s not just babies that benefit from the baby yoga and massage sessions.

Anna explains why bringing carers together to have meaningful, purposeful experiences with their babies is so powerful, and how bringing carers together in a community like Kinder Kalm can have a big impact on tackling postnatal depression and loneliness.

The full interview with Anna from Kinder Kalm

Sit back and enjoy the full interview, including:

  • Baby yoga
  • Baby massage
  • The power of sensory activities
  • The benefits to parents
  • Great sensory resources
  • Teething and other common problems
  • The challenges in working with babies
  • Who inspires her
  • Why she loves Frederick Leboyer
  • The impact of having her own children

The big ideas

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