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Famly Staff Rotas - Nursery manager

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Maximise the staff you have, and keep them close

Avoid overstaffing with Famly's Staff Rotas software

Avoid overstaffing

Plan weeks in advance, maximise hours, and reduce overspending.

 Automate your admin with Famly's Staff Rotas software

Automate your admin

No frantic spreadsheets. Get data in real-time, and automate tasks.

Keep your team happy with Famly's Staff Rotas software

Keep your team happy

Give staff full visibility of shifts, and a modern, intuitive nursery platform.

From staff admin to attendance forecasting

Every tool to cut costs, save time, and boost morale

Famly Staff Rotas - Happy kids

staff Rotas & Holidays

Never outsource staff again

Plan schedules in advance to maximise staff hours, and avoid last-minute agency calling.

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Weekly staff rotas

Create weekly schedules, months in advance. Fill every single shift, and stop calling costly agencies.
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Holidays & absences

Easily see and approve all staff leave, so you can plan and find replacements in a few clicks.
See how Famly's staff rota software work

Ratios & attendance logs

Save hours on staff admin

No frantic headcounts or spreadsheets. From ratio alerts to payroll exports, it takes seconds.

Purple icon - automatic staff ratios

Automatic ratios

Oversee all room ratios in real-time, and instantly get notified if you’re missing staff members.
Purple icon - attendance tracking

Attendance logging

Automatically get an overview of each staff member’s hours, and directly export for payroll.
Learn about automatic nursery ratios
Staff Rotas in check with Famly

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Join the 6,300+ settings already using Famly

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Famly Staff Rotas - Happy nursery manager and kids

Setting overview & custom roles

Solve problems before they appear

Tackle problems instantly as they pop up, and fast-track your team’s day-to-day tasks.

Purple icon - home screen illustration with house

Home Screen

See occupancy, availability and check-ins in real-time. Manage and schedule staff in seconds.
Purple icon - custom roles

Custom roles & permissions

Quicken tasks by letting staff review and access what they need, right when they need it.

Messages and cpd materials

Keep your team motivated and involved

Happy staff don’t leave. Let everyone feel heard, and support continuous development.

Purple icon -  digital messages

Private & team messages

Let staff communicate instantly, build trust easily, and make daily tasks painless.
Purple icon - CPD materials

Staff CPD

From pedagogy guides to in-app activities and practice prompts, support staff development.
Check out our pedagogy guides here
Get staffing right with Famly - a Happy Nursery manager

Don’t accept average

Get staff rotas and more

An efficient team needs more than simple staff scheduling.

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Automatic nursery ratios
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Weekly rotas
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Reoccurring schedules
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Attendance logging
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Holiday RSVP
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Exact leave tracking
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Staff sign-in/out
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Digital staff profiles
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Custom roles & permissions
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Instant staff messaging
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Staff qualifications
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Observation reviews
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Staff CPD
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Out-of-office statuses
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Attendance exports for payroll
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Custom Home Screen

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You work with sensitive information every single day. Rest easy knowing that information is safe, encrypted, and processed in compliance with GDPR and UK GDPR.

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Completely free articles, step-by-step guides, videos, and interactive webinars on early years pedagogy - all to help you develop and share knowledge with your team.

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