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Document every unique learning journey

Detailed learning journals for every child


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And add photos, videos, and learning areas to them instantly.

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Add everything from 2-year checks to EYFS assessments.

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Mark each child's progress, and if they need any extra support.

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Easily share next development steps with staff and parents.
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Frequently asked questions

Where are learning journals saved?

All your observations, assessments, two-year checks and updates on development can be found in each child’s profile. And you’ll get an overview of each child’s progress from the progress report, so you can show exactly where and how each child is progressing in a matter of seconds.

Do they take hours to make?

No, we made it as easy as possible for you to make an observation, photo update or assessment in a few clicks. Because we want you to spend less time documenting, more time prioritising the children.

Can families edit learning journals?

No, but they can make their own observations! That way your learning journals are detailed and accurate when the child is at your setting, and families can share learning and knowledge right from their living rooms.

Can I share a child’s learning journal?

You can share all observations, assessments, development steps, and posts on a child’s development with families and staff alike. So you can keep everyone in the loop every step of the way.

Will progress reports and assessments update automatically?

Absolutely. As soon as you make an observation or assessment, this will automatically feed into your progress reports and assessment overview.

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