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Where are all the Early Years Educators?

Numbers are still dwindling. It’s time to ask why.

Did you know?

1 in 5

EY educators are underqualified


extra educators are needed before 2025


more nurseries closed in 2023

Early brain development

Children’s brains can’t wait

50% of neural connections are built by 5, and brain size is at 90%. If early educators vanished, who would nurture our nation’s youngest?  

Brain size ages 0-5


At birth


0-1 years


1-3 years


3-5 years

It’s more than a recruitment issue

The early years is a revolving door. Even if staff come, they don’t stay.
Lack of money

Minimum wage has risen by 58%, but funding only 20%. So providers can’t pay staff.

Lack of respect

Imagine being told you’re ‘just a bottom-wiper’. Fighting public opinion is exhausting.

Child sitting with a blue backpack with it's back towards the camera