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Become the best salesperson in the room - for a cause that matters
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Why choose our sales academy?
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Perfect your pitches

In a field where change is constant, we want your growth to be steady.
Deepen your skills through guided modules, one-on-one coaching, and playbooks to help you grow.
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Make an actual difference

At Famly, the more sales we make, the more early educator lives we improve. That means we have a responsibility to take the training of our sales team very seriously.
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Chart your path for the future

With expert-backed strategies and immersive support, the Famly Sales Academy is meant to prepare you for right now. And also for your future.
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Tero Latosuo
Junior SDR @ Berlin Office
“It was great that Famly got me to Copenhagen for the onboarding process - meeting the CEO, CCO, and the team was really valuable - they weren’t just faces on a screen. We weren’t just given a computer and headphones and told “OK, sell our product!” Famly made sure that we had product knowledge strategies to use - it was more about me having the tools and then developing as I grew.”
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Isa Schmidt
Junior SDR @ Berlin Office
“I have always been drawn to purpose-driven jobs. When all the stakeholders in a child’s life are informed at the same level, they can all help to develop the child. Here at Famly we help early educators do the things that the child needs to learn right now. Doing a job I love, understanding people’s needs, and providing them with a solution gets me up in the morning.”
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Charlotte Davage
Junior Account Executive @ Copenhagen Office
“The whole culture at Famly is probably the most friendly and inviting environment I’ve ever worked in. I’ve been on maternity leave for the last year, so it was definitely a bit nerve-wracking for me to get started again. But it’s been a really smooth ride, and such an easy and flexible place to work. Really nice people to be around, and I felt very welcome from day one.”
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Elena Pedron
SDR @ Copenhagen Office
“What I love about the Sales Academy is that it is not company specific but actually provides me with insights that make me grow as a sales professional, not just as a Famly employee. I know that the training will be something that I will take with me everywhere and in any context. I feel the investment in me as a person, as well as the desire of Famly to have an actual impact on its own workforce.”
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Krishna Almaraz
Senior SDR @ Copenhagen Office
“It’s been a great opportunity for expanding my knowledge and getting formal training - I’ve never had a full-on Academy to help me before in another job. I love the short, 45-minute mini-crash courses throughout the week led by Jakob - then you can apply those ideas into your day-to-day calling activity with that knowledge in the back of my mind.”
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Jonas Scheidt
Junior Account Executive @ Berlin Office
“The payoff is immediate and you see yourself moving forward. Success came early for me which is motivating, and after a while, Jakob asked me what was my plan and my vision - where did I want to go? I hadn’t thought about it, I just wanted to book demos, and Jakob helped me to realise that there was a chance for career growth.”

Your road to success

Step 1
Junior SDR
Areas covered
  • Company, industry & products
  • Discovery calls
  • Sales process
Step 2
Accelerating performance
Areas covered
  • Storytelling
  • Objection handling
  • Sales frameworks
Step 3
Senior SDR
Building seniority
Areas covered
  • Mentorship
  • Account planning
  • Self-assessment
Step 4
Junior Account Executive
Virtual selling and pipeline
Areas covered
  • Pipeline management
  • Running demoes
  • Procurement handling
Step 5
Account Executive
Negotiation tools and tactics
Areas covered
  • Negotiation tactics
  • Presentation skills
  • Timeline planning
Step 6
Senior Account Executive
Account Management
Areas covered
  • Enterprise selling
  • Multi-threading deals
  • Forecasting

Grow your potential

Career advancement potential
Career advancement
self driven career dvelopment
Self-driven career
enhance interpersonal skills
interpersonal skills
Global reach
Global reach,
local immersion
networking and mentorship
Networking and
build professional relationships
Build professional

What we’re looking for if you are our new...

Sales Development

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  • Energetic and outgoing personality
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A competitive mindset
  • Empathetic and attentive listener
  • Driven to make a difference
  • Curious to learn and grow
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