Customer Story Video - Early Years Alliance

Customer Story Video: Early Years Alliance

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Matt Arnerich
@ Famly
November 29, 2019

Early Years Alliance fight every day for the sector’s voice to be heard as one of the country’s leading early years membership organisations. But that’s not all they do.

Their mission of putting the child first also extends to the 81 settings that they run in some of the most deprived areas of the UK. Their transformational childcare makes sure that every child gets the early years education they deserve.

But running one of the UK’s biggest nursery groups also comes with plenty of challenges. With tight budgets and a less than ideal spreadsheet system in place, they knew they needed software to help bring their settings together and ease some admin headaches. That’s where Famly came in.

Who are Early Years Alliance?

The Early Years Alliance represent more than 14,000 members, campaigning for and championing the sector on a national level. They also run 81 settings across the UK, making them the largest voluntary sector provider in England.

What will I learn?

You’ll learn about why Famly has made such a difference to the Early Years Alliance. CEO Neil Leitch and the team run you through why switching was so easy, even for such a large organisation, and why choosing a user-friendly software package was key.

You’ll also hear from nursery manager Paula Sweeney on how Famly has made a massive difference to her workload and their partnerships with parents, even helping to attract more parents to their setting in the first place.

What are they saying?

“Invoicing historically would have taken us maybe a day, two days depending on the size of the setting, whereas without exaggeration that can be done in less than a minute now.”

Lenny Tyler, Business Support Manager, Early Years Alliance

“I’d say this – every time I ask somebody, ‘How is the system going?’, the thing that always come back to me is that staff say ‘You should have done this a long time ago'”

Neil Leitch, CEO, Early Years Alliance

And who are Famly?

Famly makes better nursery management software. We help hundreds of providers across the UK to streamline the tedious admin and paperwork that comes with running a nursery.

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